About Us

“In retrospect, I know that BNDS accompanied me on this journey that is worth remembering forever. BNDS will be the pride of my life.”

——Jiang Shan, Class of 2011

Beijing National Day School is named after the birthday of the People’s Republic of China. At BNDS, we experience the beauty of youthful vigor and feel the power of growth.

Our Curriculum

“The diverse curriculum system at BNDS offered me ubiquitous choices and opportunities to pursue my dreams through daily learning.”

——Chen Tianze, Class of 2014

BNDS is a “school for everyone”. It offers tiered, categorized, integrated, and specialized curricula, and adopts diversified and individualized teaching methods. BNDS creates an education that suits every individual’s development.

Campus Life

“The most important influence BNDS had on me is that it provided me with various opportunities and platforms to grow according to my needs and choices.”

——Tao Zeping, Class of 2013

Important ceremonies witness students’ growth, various festivals inspire their creativity, masters’ lectures expand their horizons, and colorful clubs spark their ideas ... In the wonderful campus activities, students gradually discover themselves, awaken their potentials, and finally achieve themselves.